Hi there! So nice to meet you!

I am a watercolor artist and graphic designer that loves creating artwork to celebrate life's special moments- big or small! From wedding invitations to logo design to a painting of your first home together, I love creating personalized pieces that tell your story. 

A little bit about me... 

I was born and raised in West Texas by a Socrates lovin’ Pa and a Hippie Artist Ma. They taught me that even the littlest things in life should be celebrated! From the green eggs and ham every St. Patricks Day breakfast to Birthday "Paw"ties for all of our dog's birthdays!

I studied design at the University of Texas as well as a semester in Italy, where I learned my love of color, pattern and to telling stories through art. 

My Favorite Non-Holiday Holidays:

-Half Birthdays because we all need cake atleast 2 times a year duh!

-St George’s Day (So this one may not count since it is an actual holiday, but this one definitely needs to be on your calendar- google it!)

-Pink Day- with our lopsided female family, this holiday is celebrated several times a year. It is all in the name- wear pink, make pinkalicious cupcakes and think pink!